Case Studies


Our client had been using an ISDN solution for the same event for many years. Each years the ISDN lines and internet connection caused problems, with incorrectly assigned numbers and ADSL lines that had been mysterious disconnected.

Attend 2 provided the entire solution. With a fast temporary leased line for the duration of the event and a leased ADSL connection as backup. An onsite PBX allowed for an entire enterprise phone solutions. Users could also log on to a temporary wireless network to gain access to on site printers and the internet.

Remote offices where also set up, because these all had internet connections we where able to setup VoIP phones at some sites which appeared as extensions in the main room. Technical support was provided for the duration of the event.

London - Westminster

Our client required 4 phones for an event a couple of days away. There wasn't enough time to install standard lines (POTs). We supplied 4 VoIP phones and hosted the PBX for them. This allowed them to have full enterprise features (conference calling, call waiting, answer phones, number spoofing). Using the existing internet connection all was up and running in less than an hour.


Our client required a call to be made to a group of 500 people. The venue had free internet but wanted to charge to install a phone line. Using a laptop, softphone and hosted PBX provided by us we where able to offer significant cost savings.

The phone call was patched into the clients PA system so all 500 delegates could ask questions and hear the remote presenter clearly.

London - Oxford Street

Our client rang in a panic. His telecom's provider had let him down and not installed the 4 phone lines in time for his event the following day

We couriered 2 ATAs to him which allowed him to use his existing internet connection to access our VoIP servers. He had his lines 14 hours after ordering them from us!

Two weeks later the lines where installed by his telecom supplier, unfortunately the event had finished 3 days previously!