Conference IP Phones

There are many occasions where a venue has broadband but not a phone line. If you need to call into a conference without using a phone line then we can help.

Using a soft phone (a small free application running on a computer) we can rent you a connection to the outside world. You can ring to or from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Features also available:-

  • the ability to Record the call
  • to link up to 6 remote calls (using phone or VoIP) for a conference call
  • to interface the laptop with your or our PA system for large audiences
  • Cheap call charges to foreign countries (1p per min to USA mobile!)

The system can be used on a hotel wireless network and removes the need for expensive lines to be installed. We can provide a technician or offer the service as a dry hire - just giving you the log in detials to keep the cost down.


Please get in contact for a quote.