Event Communications

If you need a communication package, we can help...

Attend 2 has the experience to deliver all your communication requirements. We can provide internet, phone lines and WIFI for your delegates.

We give you the ability to allow your staff and guests to roam freely, for restricted periods, or for a fee.

As much control as you want

We co-ordinate as many elements for your event as you want us too. We own all the equipment required to build complex office and event solutions. We are a VoIP provider so can provide the numbers and lines direct as well as an ISP so we provide the connection direct to you as well. This means you have one point of contact, one bill and no middleman. However we are happy to work alongside your existing equipment if required.

We understand the events industry.

We can install when you want us to and your dedicated contact has direct contact to the engineers on the ground, not a foreign call center in sight! Speed is often the key as is reliability and you can be assured of both of these with our services.

Downtime is our enemy

Because we control our network we can be confident of its uptime, any problems can be resolved in minutes or hours not days. Events tend to be short by regular ISP standards and we can turnaround requests very quickly by comparison. We over engineer our network and fail over units are used to minimize the impact of an unlikely equipment failure.

Everybody is different

Contact us to discuss your event communications needs as everybody's requirements are always different and we aim to provide the exact service you require.